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Every child deserves a chance, and every volunteer/partner can make a difference. Join our mission to show up for foster kids and young adults who have aged out. 

We've Got Your Six

Our mission at GYSIX is to nurture kids who are or have experienced foster care to success & independence

Hair Needs

Hair services are expensive! But some kids and young adults need protective styles and care to have healthy hair. A braided style can help with day to day maintenance, to be ready for a school function or a job interview. Whatever the reason, we’ve got your six!


Laundry is ONE of the things we help with for our young adults who have aged out of foster care. Life is hard starting out on your own for ANYONE. However, most who have aged out cannot simply “come back home” to do their laundry. But don’t worry! We’ve got your six!

Nourishment & Food

With such a large community here in the Nashville area, there is NO REASON these babies should be struggling for groceries and warm meals. So even in this department… we’ve got you six!


Cassie Hall


Rachel Hall

Board Secretary

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Our EIN is 93-4105438. We are a registered 501c3 back dated to apply to all donations on or after 10/11/23. Thank you for your donation!